Optimism and resolve were in the air at City Hall on the evening of June 14. Approximately 40 local residents were on hand to witness the unveiling of a 20-year vision statement for our city. The statement, in final draft form, is the work of a Citizen Advisory Committee, several focus groups, and Rural Development Initiatives (RDI), headquartered in Eugene. Last fall RDI was contracted by the city to help build this 20-year vision, a requirement of our comprehensive plan and necessary to guide community development efforts for the coming years.

The evening included breakout discussions about the statement, which is in final draft form. The residents offered feedback which will be reviewed and, as appropriate, incorporated into the final version of the statement. The group also spent time discussing what actions might be taken quickly so that this vision becomes more than a thought exercise. Public murals, economic development strategies, expanded walking paths, a Coburg tag line and other outcomes are now moving forward, with champions to guide them.

A huge amount of thanks goes to RDI Executive Director Heidi Khokhar, Coordination Consultant Lindsay Hill and the entire RDI team for their extra effort and commitment to excellence. If we take advantage of the opportunity, this vision statement could serve as a launching point for a very exciting future here in Coburg, both economically and culturally. It is up to us to protect what we want to keep and create what we want to change. Join your neighbors as we shape our community into the best Coburg we can envision.

To stay informed about Coburg Vision 2017 related activities:

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  • and/or watch for updates and opportunities in future issues of Our Town.