Small town Chambers of Commerce take on many forms. For some communities they drive local events. For others they bring businesses together for networking. And for still more they help shape what the business environment looks like.

In all of these cases, a Chamber is driven by the belief that healthy businesses are the lifeblood of a vibrant community.

The Coburg Chamber of Commerce has played each of these roles at one time or another since it’s formation 43 years ago. Today, it is working on all of them.

“When I got involved last year the Chamber was already doing a great job running its events,” said Robert Killen, Chamber President for the last year and a half. “What we’ve been doing since is bringing people together to build business relationships, and to discuss what Coburg might look like in the future. If we, as a community, want to have any say in that then we have to plan for it.”

The Chamber hosts Christmas in Coburg, Coburg Conversations, the very popular Concerts in the Parks, and our biggest event of the year, the Antique and Vintage Fair coming up on Sunday, September 11th. Other special gatherings for Chamber members have been held at Johnson Bros and Serenity Lane. Future events are coming up at Agrarian Ales and the Grange. The Chamber also holds a monthly member meeting at City Hall from noon to 1:00 on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

In addition to events and meetings, “the Chamber is going to actively participate in the City’s visioning process, as well as welcoming new residents and businesses to the area,” Killen says. “We now have a strong and growing membership, so we can play a bigger role. It’s exciting to see!”

With the growth of any small town there is always a concern that what it grows into is something unwanted. A vibrant Chamber – in collaboration with the City, residents, and other local organizations – can help shape that growth, so that what we become is something we are proud of. It is good to know that our local Chamber of Commerce is looking to our future.